Sunday Slacking – Yeah, I wish :D

Whimsical Workspaces badgeI have been doing the opposite of slacking today. I have been working on cleaning up my studio, along with over 370 other people in the Whimsical Workspaces workshop on

I’ll be doing a post later so you can see my progress, but for now, let’s just say I’m pooped! So here’s a quick and dirty list of links that made me go “Squee!” or “Hmm…” or, in one case, cry, this week.

Patience, via Geninne – absolutely amazing!

Tall Paper Holder – I think this might be a good project for those muslin roses I made! From the same blogger, this Paper Towel Spring Wreath is beautiful too, and I could see a few of my roses tucked in with the paper towel flowers as well.

[Warning: these links possibly not safe for work] October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This article (via Hay Ladies!), Fuck “Save the Tatas” talks about the negative effect of focusing on saving breasts instead of saving women. Also, linked from that article, The SCAR Project made me cry. The pictures there are brutally honest, and those women are beautiful.

Just to cheer you up after that, check out Eric Barclay’s image “Bob Fosse’s Goat.” Eric is one of my favorite artist bloggers, and a heck of a nice guy.

Attack of the Stack – at Sketchbook Challenge. I love this – I intend to take a picture of my stack of art journals and sketchbooks. It definitely makes me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something!

Here’s an excuse to go to Starbucks:
funny food photos - starbucks - russian - Babushka Barista
see more My Food Looks Funny
See more pics at the site they link to, which is in Japanese.

I love microphotography. Nikon puts on a competition every year. Here’s a roundup of some of the awesome images from the 2011 entries. [via Mad Art Lab]

The ever-creative Sister Diane of Craftypod has put up a tutorial post that is great for beginning crocheters who are tired of scarves but aren’t quite ready to do something that is really demanding.

That’s it for my weekly link roundup. Hope you found something you enjoyed!

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